Sunday, October 05, 2003
It was 10 oclock yesterday, the atmosphere went chilly and the sky started crying. Drop by drop until it burst down into heavy tears. It rained. I was standing outside chopsticks downtown with 4 wonderful guys, waiting to get inside, waiting our table turn. I didn’t eat anything just ordered a Mexican beer. I just sat there contemplating those 4 guys, watching, observing silently, every move they made, and every single word they uttered and exchanging eye contact 2 of those guys whom I really adore.
Four guys were at the table along with one lonely lonely girl. One of them is my best friend, another is my so called gay boyfriend, the third guy is also a gay wannabe boyfriend or husband, and the forth who kept hinting at how much he was in need of a boyfriend or a girlfriend, whatever. They were all caught up in the pleasure of entangling internal conflicts of feelings and desires.
TGI FRIDAYS, it is been a while since I went there, it was nice, fun, interesting; actually I felt right at home, in the middle of ACID.
Thursday, June 19, 2003
A woman, a child meeting in one body, gathered in one soul. Who are u? Who do u want to be? That woman inside of u or that child that wants to break free. Like horses running wildly on the sea shore, unicorns in the sky, and 2 kids sitting freely under th free sky surrounded by the blue blue sea. What a life it would be! Unleashing ur soul, unleashing those feelings and let them no longer burn inside of u!

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